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Tuesday, July 24th 2012

8:59 AM

Hot teen sluts


Related article: Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:04:08 -0700 From: Rob Y Subject: 12 Days with Sgt Tate - Day 4, Late NightI am alerted to hearing someone walking to the urinal. I look through the peephole. His cock is average size. He pisses and leaves without washing up. He is a shorter but very thick man. Too bad he leaves.I hear his semi leave. The rain has slowed down while I was sitting on the toilet.Looking outside, it is still pitch darkness. I teen group sex free wish I knew how long I was here for. I miss Sgt Tate.This bathroom is beginning to feel play teen porn more and more like a cage. This is incredibly boring. Another hour or so passes and there is nothing to do but wait--wait for a driver to show up and possibly let me blow him, wait for Sgt Tate to claim me, wait for anything to happen.What if Sgt Tate left me here on purpose and he's not coming back? What would I do? I would probably wait until morning and then ask the first man to use the toilet for free teen xxx pics help. What would I say?My mind runs through many silly explanations for being naked at a rest area with a chastity tube on. None make any sense.I wonder what Sgt Tate would do if teen blow job porn something were to happen to me. I wonder if he would care beyond the standard courteous amount a care one would have on a stranger. Would he feel guilty that something happened to me? How would he tell my dad?My dad--I miss him too. I hope his birthday is going better for him than it is for me.A car door slams. I perk up. Please let this be Sgt Tate.Footsteps lead up to the door. It opens and through the peephole I see a police officer enter. Holy shit! Don't do anything stupid. I sit forward on the toilet seat covering up my cock. He walks towards the stall area. Oh no. He walks in front of me. I look up. He's a hot man. Not very big, in fact he's closer to my five foot eight size than the men who were in here an hour or so ago. What he lacks in size he makes up in presence. A toothpick hangs out of his mouth underneath a dark bushy moustache. Beard stubble covers his jaw.We make eye contact. I nod, but he looks at me with a puzzled look.He continues to walk to the other stall.Just remain calm. Hopefully he hasn't noticed that I don't have any clothes on. Of course he would have to be blind not to search teen porn notice. That and not seeing another vehicle in the parking lot, he probably has a red flag go off when he sees me sitting here.I lean forward with my elbows on my thighs with my hands clasped. I look down and glance under the partition. His feet point to the toilet.Don't look through the glory hole. I force myself to focus looking down. His feet turn to the side, to point in my direction. He steps forward. His toes cross the imaginary boundary formed by the partition.He is at the glory hole. There is a shadow cast on the floor to indicate that something is protruding through the hole. I relent and look over.His cock hangs through the hole. What a beautiful cock! It is probably six inches or so soft. A small amount of sweat casts a shine to its head. A small drop of either piss or precum hangs from the slit.It pulses as it slowly starts to get hard. The veins become more pronounced. I want to take it and suck it so bad. He slowly starts minimal thrusts, to begin fucking the glory hole.What do I do? He's a cop in full uniform, on duty. But his cock is hanging through a glory hole pulsing, damn near demanding a blowjob.It is fully erect. It is the veiniest cock I have ever seen.Fuck it. If he is here to catch someone messing around, his cock would xxx young teen porn not be rock hard hanging through a glory hole.I lean over and take the head into my mouth. It tastes delicious--sweaty and soft. I reposition myself on my knees at the same time I take him down my throat."Bad move."His cock is pulled out the glory hole. Oh shit.He walks around to my front and smiles. "Fag, you are under arrest." He says this with his cock hanging out of his pants. "Stand up. You have the right to remain silent." With his hand he starts to shove his cock into his pants. "You have the right to an attorney. . . ." The rest is a blur as I stand up and turn around. Handcuffs roughly restrict my wrists behind my back.Shoving my upper left arm, He leads me out of the bathroom. Outside, beyond the illuminated area, I see his police cruiser. He stops me on the curb."Stand here, legs about two feet apart, and head down." I stare at the ground. What am I going to do? How am I going to get a hold of Sgt Tate?The Officer turns on his headlights that shine directly at me. Even his alley lights are directed on me. Now anyone who pulls into this area will see me naked. I feel so humiliated.The hottest teen porn officer comes over to me with a clipboard in hand."What's your name fag?"I stare at the ground mostly out of shame. "Daniel Stevens""Stevens a last name or a middle name?""Last name." I add, "Sir.""What's your middle name?""Daniel is Sir. My first name is Lennox. Lennox Daniel Stevens.""Well Lennox Daniel Stevens, tell me how you came to be in there without any clothes.""I was left here.""By whom?"How do I answer that question? Do I tell him about Sgt Tate? "A truck driver picked me up down the road, stole my clothes, and dumped me here.""What's that thing on your pecker?"Oh no, I forgot about that. "That's to prevent me from . . . I free dirty teen porn mean to punish me." I figure playing the sympathy route may get me some points."By the same trucker?""Yes Sir.""Fag, this is not making any sense. Why would a trucker pick up a hitchhiker, take his clothes, leave him at a rest area that is frequented by known homosexuals after putting your pecker in a plastic tube? Why would he care if your pecker could get hard?"I don't know the answer to his question. I just shrug my shoulders. He shakes his head in disbelief."Did you know that this rest area is frequented by homosexuals?" He holds up his camera phone and takes my picture."No Sir.""So, to make this story even less believable, this trucker drops you off buck naked at a rest free sexy teen porn area that is known for homosexuals. And yet you want me to believe that a fag like yourself didn't know about this place?""I didn't know about this place! I swear! . . . And what about this 'fag like yourself'? You had your cock hanging through that hole. How do you know that I am gay? Do I have 'homo' written across my face?""No, 'homo' isn't written across your face but 'Fag' is.""What?""You have the word 'fag' written on your forehead in magic marker." He holds up his camera phone and shows me the snapped picture. There it is in big black letters: F A G. What the fuck? How the hell did that get there? I didn't put it there. It wasn't the drivers. I don't remember Sgt Tate doing it. It couldn't be anyone from the party last night.Wait a minute. I picked free dirty teen porn up a magic marker in the motel earlier today, but I don't remember seeing Sgt Tate with the marker. I saw it right after he fucked me. And he knocked me out. That's when he must have done it.I had this word on me for all night. So Frank and Joe saw it. I just want to hide out of embarrassment."So you are a fag?"I am totally defeated. "Yes Sir I am.""And you sucked cock here tonight right?""Yes Sir.""How many?""Four Sir.""You are being arrested for Public Sexual Indecency, Loitering in a Public Restroom, and Sexual Assault on a police officer. Boy, you are fucked." He laughs at his pun. Looking down he asks, "Address?"I don't know Sgt. Tate's, so I give him mine, even though it is over one hundred miles away."Phone number?"Oh shit. I wish I could give him Sgt Tate's, but I don't even know it. I can't give my home number; my dad would answer. All hell would break loose if he ever younge teen lesbian porn found out."Hey boy! What's your number? Who do we call to come get you?"God no! My dad can't find out that I'm gay. Not just that, but that I am caught by the police naked with the word 'fag' written across my head, after giving four men head. That ought to go over well."Are you stupid there?"I just look at him."Wait, your momma and daddy don't know how big of a queer you are? Don't they?""No they don't.""Boy you have yourself a problem. Sooner or later xxx teen titans they are going to find out.""My mom is dead.""Oh so daddy's boy can't be a cocksucker.""Yes.""Well you should have thought about that before you came here looking for cock." He laughs to himself. "So you might as well tell me what daddy's number is. He's going to find out."I don't know what to do. I look at him. Closing cody porn star teen my eyes, bowing my head, I tell him my home number.He smiles. "Stay right there. I have to make a phone call. Somebody's daddy is in for a surprise!"A surprise? Oh no, it's his birthday too. "Officer Sir?" He turns around and comes back. I look at his name badge. six teen nudes "Officer Blakely, please don't call my dad.""Well who else is going porn teen girls videos to pick you up?""Look today is his birthday, he's fifty."He smiles. "Really. Boy is his birthday going to be one he will remember for a long time.""No, please." It is hopeless. I turn away mostly out of shame and hopelessness of the situation this man is going to inflict on me."Boy you better get back into position" is the command I hear from the other side of the blinding lights.I face forward with my legs spread and head bowed.I feel a drop of rain on my shaven head. Not rain. I don't need for it to start raining again. I stand there motionless. A second, a third drop hit me. They start coming down fast. This just can't be happening to me.These handcuffs weigh heavy on my wrists. I want to sit in his dry car. "Officer Blakely?" I don't hear a response. "Officer?" Nothing. I look up free french teen porn and only see rain falling in front of lesbian teen clips headlights.I bow my head again. Fuck. I am so fucking fucked. I start to tear up. One tear runs down my face. The rain masks it.As it starts to downpour my crying intensifies.How could my life have been completely fucked up in 72 hours? My lust for cock started this. I had to have Sgt Tate's cock. I wanted to stay with him. My cock always seems to be the root of my problems.How do I get out of this mess?"Officer Blakely?"I sit down on the curb and lean forward to continue crying.A semi pulls in, probably sees what's going on, and pulls out. I am now scaring off truckers.The night's rain continues for a bit, but it eventually slows. I have been sitting on this curb for quite a long time. Without a watch, I would easily estimate an hour.The car door slams shut. Officer Blakely walks up to me holding a large black bag."Well I got your paperwork done. I called your dad, he said he will be up here when he's ready."Without looking up, I add, "I was hoping you weren't going to do it. What did he say?""Well after he stopped cursing at you, he told me to leave you in jail. When he's done with the two whores he's with, he'll be by to pick your sorry ass up. He asked me to call Sgt Tate. Who's Sgt Tate?"So there it is. He called my dad. I was hoping that he was making this all up to fuck with me.I start to cry directly in front of this cop."Quit teen college amateur porn your fucking crying and get your sorry ass up." He yanks me up by my upper arm. "Be a man and own up to your mistakes."I steady up. He starts walking me towards the picnic table. When we get there, I am pushed over the edge, like he's going to fuck me. "I need to take you in." He pulls something out of his bag. "So I need to check you for concealed weapons."Concealed? How? "I'm naked. I don't blonde teen blowjob have any pockets.""I know, but it is regulation that I check."I hear a snap behind me. Looking back, Officer Blakely wiggles his fingers into a latex glove."You are a fag, and fags are known to stick things in their anal cavity.""No. No. No!"Stooping down on one knee, he stops, "Look I don't want to stick my fingers in your hole as much as you don't want to have them there. So let's just do what we need to do."I feel his finger on my hole."You already have some lube on here. Did you get fucked in there too?""Yes Sir.""You mean I have to feel around in a cum filled hole?"I smile. I get to be the prick in this conversation."Yes. There's probably some piss left in there. The friend of the one who dumped his load filled me up with his piss.""Faggot, you disgust me." He shoves his finger in. I scream. "Shut the fuck up. You like this."He twists the finger streaming video teen sex around. It feels good like when Sgt Tate does it. He pulls out only to be replaced by two fingers. I yelp again. "I definitely feel something in there. You really are loose. Just how many men fuck you?"I don't answer. I start to squirm when the third finger goes in. This is no longer a weapons search.I stand up."Oh hell no! Get yourself back on the table." He shoves me on the table. After rustling in the bag, my wrists are pulled upward, twisting my arms behind me in an upward direction.I cannot pull them down. I feel the end of a rope between my wrists. He must have tied my handcuffed wrists above me, probably to the pergolas.I feel his fingers at my hole again, but this time they are slicker. He must have put some lube on them from his bag."I can definitely feel something in there.""It's my shit."He slaps my ass. "Shut the fuck up." He gives me a deep shove. I don't know how many fingers are in my ass, but it's starting to gay teen emo porn hurt.Officer Blakely puts more lube on his hand, hottest teen porn and wipes all over my hole."Almost there." Leaning into me with his weight I feel that he is trying to shove his hand in me.It feels like I teen butt fucked series am being ripped apart. "Get it out of me." My legs stiffen. They briefly come off the ground, but this puts my weight on my wrists."Scream baby! No one will hear you.""Get it out cody porn star teen of me, please."He shoves it, and the hand finally goes in. "There you go!""You fucking bastard. People will teen porn in beac know that you come here to fuck us and arrest us. I will tell all that you are raping me.""Boy, I wouldn't be making threats to a man whose hand in up your ass, a hand that still needs to come out." He pulls out, pulling out what feels like my whole insides."Oh God! Fuck!" My asshole tingles. I can't feel anything but pain."I wish you would stop talking. You got me distracted. I couldn't tell if your ass had anything concealed." I feel his fingers at my hole again.I can't believe he is doing this again. I just give up for a teen group sex free moment. My body relaxes. He pushes in, and after a half the time it took the first time it goes in much easier."There you go boy."I ask sarcastically, "Is there anything up there, Sir?""Just my hand." He laughs.His hand comes out slowly. It feels good to come out, with the painful tingling cut in half. He twists his fingers around the hole.Relaxing makes everything go much better.His hand goes in again, but this time I teen blow job porn let my body go limp. I focus on the feelings from my hole. The extremely severe pain is gone, now that I have relaxed and am stretched. Thank god Sgt Tate had that plug stretching me over night. I don't think that my hole would hardcore lesbian teen porn have withstood teen black porn sex the assault without it.With Officer Blakely applying more lubricant, the feeling of pulling my skin inward eases.The intensity of the pleasure is not like anything I have felt legal teen pussy before, not even when Sgt Tate fucks me.I stare out at the darkness. For the first time this night, the dark's emptiness feels safe. It takes away xxx young teen porn the whole world so that I only focus on the electric sensations in my hole.I moan, and Officer Blakely chuckles. He pulls away and stands up. "Faggot." He unties my hands from above, making them fall to my back. My arms and shoulders thank him. But, the handcuffs remain. "Don't go anywhere."I lay there. A brief breeze runs over my asshole. It feels wonderful and refreshing.He leaves me be, returning to his car. My asshole is tingling. It is sore and yet, I want it to feel more. I point my toes inward in order to twist my legs so that my hole is exposed in hopes to catch another breeze.I don't want this feeling to end; in fact I want him to do it again, but not really. I want the after effects but not the cause.I hear him approach. "Fag. It seems that you're about to be picked up."I see headlights coming into the teen porn age 15 lot, "Please don't let him see me this way.""Well then look the other way. Don't look at him coming up. He probably doesn't want to see you. Especially after you made him leave his two whores."I do look the other free french teen porn way. I stare into the black void. The headlights illuminate a few trees, but beyond that, it is darkness. All I see in front of me is nothing but black emptiness.I hear heavy footsteps behind me. This is not going to be good. I don't have to guess what he is going to do; I am pretty much set up for it. free dirty teen porn My dad is going to take off his belt and whip me good.In the distance I hear a young man's voice, "Daddy!"What the? Where the hell did that come from?"Damn boy! I told you to have fun not get arrested!"That voice is not my dad's, but Sgt Tate's.I turn around. There he is, silhouetted by the police headlights. I have never seen a magnificent sight as hardcore lesbian teen porn I do right now."You gave him your dad's number? That's about as fucked up as two queers in a bathhouse playing Parcheesi? Get your sorry ass up."I stand up."You look like a bag full of smashed assholes. Get in the truck."We walk, but how do I get out of my arrest?Sgt Tate goes up to Officer Blakely. "How did my faggot do?"Officer Blakely responds, "He took my fist. And, my boy?" The handcuffs are being removed.They look at a young looking boy who looks twelve, "Nope. Too much of a pussy to even eat a bite." The young boy must have been the one who yelled out "Daddy." Officer Blakely looks sternly at the boy. The boy drops his head to look down.Without Officer Blakely responding, Sgt Tate adds, "So, we need to find a motel."Blakely offers, "Stay with us in our spare room. It will be better there."Wait, this is too friendly. This was fake?"That sounds real good. Boy, get in the cab." I leave them and go into the cab of the truck.I climb in and look at them. Sgt Tate and Officer Blakely laugh, not even concerned with what went through my head standing out there for an hour or so in the rain thinking that my relationship with my dad is over.Sgt. Tate shakes the cop's hand and heads to the truck. I cannot believe that this was all staged. God, I am so fucking pissed off.After getting in and situated he looks at me and laughs, "That was funny! Don't you think?"I look at him incredulously. How can he ask me that?"I SAID, 'That was funny!' Now, don't you think, shithead?"I recite what he wants to hear, "Yes Sir.""That was pathetic. Do teen porn age 15 it again. This time put some--what do you teen black porn sex fags say?--pizzazz into it."I put some sarcastic fake laughter into it. "Yes Sir, it's funny!""No it isn't." I barely see it coming, but he swings his fist, pinky teen porn in beac side first, into my abdomen. I lean over gasping for air. "Now THAT is a goddamn laugh riot!"We drive off following Officer Blakely's cruiser.I start to cry. I don't want to show my tears. I am so glad to be here right now and away from Officer Blakely. Oh god, my dad doesn't know! At least I hope. Oh what a relief!"What the fuck's the matter with you? You crying? You younge teen lesbian porn are! Pussy! Look at me."I glance at him."No boy of mine is going to be a CBPPP." I have no clue to what he is saying. "A fucking cry baby pee-pee pants!""Sir?" My teary eyes look at him."Oh jeez! What the fuck is wrong with you?""I'm just glad that my dad wasn't called.""No, Matt--the cop--called me. painful teen porn So how many loads did you get?""Three Sir. One piss load up the ass though. I'm sorry.""Yes you are. Randy told me that you would probably have trouble finding five loads." I look at him. He called Randy. "He was saying having teen sex porn that truck drivers aren't usually there late on Saturdays. Late night Sundays are better, since their trucks have loads waiting to be delivered on Monday morning." He smiles like a proud father, "So tell me about the cock you sucked."I smile. No one has ever taken an interest in my sex life. Hell, no one really knows. "After you left, old women teen porn I sucked off that guy. He shot in my mouth. I then sat around until two drivers came in. The one looked in on me and saw me there naked and . . ." I remember my forehead. "Thanks for the forehead. I didn't find out until the cop told me."Sgt Tate laughs out loud."That's not funny."In an instant, his laughter stops, as he slams on the breaks. There are no other cars on the road but his truck and the police cruiser driving further ahead. He turns his cold stare to me. His hand grabs my throat, and pulls me over to his face. "It is to me. That's all that fucking matters. If I want to send you into Harlem wearing nothing but a white sheet and the words 'I Heart the KKK' written on your forehead, then I'm going to fucking do that. You got that?"Defeated, I respond, "Yes Sir.""Continue." He releases. I am once again gasping for air. He starts driving. "I said 'Continue.'"After a moment to regain my thoughts, "The one pissed down my throat while the other pissed in my ass. Then I ate a dirty ass belonging to this gigantic driver.""That's my boy! Details." he younge teen lesbian porn says very proudly."He's even bigger than you Sir. He came in to take a shit and interrupted me getting fucked. He just sat on the toilet and let loose. After complaining about no toilet paper, I told him I would lick him.""Pig.""He was fucking hot Sir. Then he wanted some head. After I blew him for a minute, he came in my mouth. He said that he will be here tomorrow after the game with some friends. He wanted to know if I wanted to be gangbanged.""You told him yes?""I said that I would need to check with you first.""Good boy." Even in the darkness of the cab, his smile radiates. "Continue.""After he left, I sat for the longest time. I was scared because no one was showing up.""Oh boo-hoo-hoo! You think that's scary? I can drop your sorry ass in the middle of the jungle. Then you would know what swedish teen porn scary is all about. Besides it's good for you. It builds character and instills discipline."Oh god! That's a phrase my dad would say whenever I would complain about something. Whatever I didn't like would "Build character and instill discipline.""I see you survived it. And Blakely? When did he show up?"I look at the clock. It is 1:34 AM. Damn I was out there for a long time. "He came much later. He stuck his cock through the hole. When I sucked him, that's when he arrested me.""Damn, that's cold.""At least I thought he was arresting me. He took me outside and asked me questions.""You gave him your dad's number? Did you sneeze out your only brain cell?""I didn't know what to do. How did you find out?""Blakely called me. Boy, you have to realize that you are going to be passed around, to whomever I see fit. Randy introduced us tonight. We started talking about our boys. I told them that I just got you. Blakely asked if you ever got fisted, I said no. Randy suggested that we swap boys, but not tell them. I even made a side bet that I won.""What was the bet, Sir?""That you would take Matt's fist and his boy wouldn't eat my shit." Well I got the better deal. "I took the boy off the street, essentially kidnapped him, squatted over him, but he wouldn't eat. I beat his ass as I grinded his face into the pile. So, unfortunately for you, you don't get to eat me tonight."Thank god! The funny thing is that I am hungry."Sir. I am hungry.""Damn boy, if I would have known, I would have saved you something." He slaps my thigh and laughs. "Maybe I can whip up something when we get to Matt's.""Sir? I don't like Matt.""That's Officer Blakely to you. Matt has invited us to spend the night with him and his boy. I said yes." He glances at me and squints. I was hoping to be rid of Officer Blakely once and for all. But now we are spending the night there.After arriving at his home, I walk to his front door naked. Fortunately, there are no close skinny blonde teen porn neighbors to see.Sgt Tate pounds on the door. I look down with my hands behind my back.The boy from the rest area answers the door. He is dressed like a boy, in bright primary colors, but he is older than the twelve year old I thought he was. Without taking his eyes off of us he shouts behind him, "Daddy! They're here!" To us, he invites us in.Officer Blakely comes into the living room wearing a T-shirt and his uniform slacks. The toothpick is still in his mouth."Scotty, get Sgt Tate something to drink."Sgt Tate looks at the boy, "Water." Sgt Tate looks at me. "I'm getting yours ready now."Scotty leaves to the kitchen area. He must be in teen porn in beac his early twenties, yet is made up to be a boy.Officer Blakely looks at me. "You always make him drink your piss?"Sgt Tate stands next to him; both look at free teen xxx pics me and analyze. "If I have to go, and she is around.""And do you keep her naked all the time?" I stare off behind them, trying to ignore what is being said."Pretty much. She doesn't need clothes. When I want her holes, I don't want to deal with any clothing."Scotty returns with Sgt's water. Sgt drinks a large amount, and still half the glass of water remains."Faggot, I need to piss."Dropping to my knees, Sarge takes out his cock. I look at it, and lunge towards its head. His cockhead rests on my tongue. I close my eyes at the same time the piss pours down my throat.Officer Blakely says to Scotty, "After the Sergeant gets done using the toilet, show him the guest room. And you might as well join the fag and lose the clothes."Sarge's piss tastes great. The flow is constant.I pull off after he finishes and see Scotty naked. He too is completely shaved. He is much smaller than me, maybe five-five and a one hundred thirty pounds.He points to the hallway. After Sgt Tate walks towards the hallway, Scotty quickly picks up his clothes including a pair of Scooby-Doo underwear.Our room is large. Sarge walks around the bed and takes off his shirt. He scratched his chest. The tags catch the light. He teen butt fucked series bends over and pulls off his pants.His ass crack points in my face. I see his asshole. I want to stick my tongue in it. I race around the bed and stick my face in his crack."Damn boy! You'll eat my hole later." He stands up and walks to the door. "Wash off your forehead." I hot young teen pussy forgot about my forehead.I walk into the bathroom and look at myself. What a sight! teen group sex free Big black letters go across my forehead. It takes me five minutes to wash it off.I walk out into the living room area and see Sgt Tate naked next to Officer Blakely still clothed on the deck outside, both looking outward into the darkness. They are barely illuminated. I join them.Taking the initiative, I drop to my knees behind him, pull apart his checks and start eating. He doesn't even teen porn age 15 acknowledge me apart from leaning further over giving me greater access.Officer Blakely is talking about the rest area, "When it closed last year, a lot of truckers were pissed off. I was fucking the guy that used to clean the bathroom. Roberto was his name. He told me that he was trying to get it opened up again, telling the Department of Transportation that it would be beneficial to the drivers. And wouldn't you know, the Spic actually got it opened. He carefully made sure that the signs all said that it was closed.""So how do they know free french teen porn it's open?""That's the fucking brilliant part. Randy and Zach posted it on some gay trucker site. They got tons of responses. They let it all be known at their store. I would alert them if there were any police interest, which there have been none. So basically, if someone shows up, they are looking for some action.""That's fucking great." Sgt Tate blows a fart in my face."And if you go back tomorrow, park by backing into the spot. It lets the drivers know that you are looking for action too. For the most part, the action doesn't take place in the restroom, where she was hanging out. It's off to the right in the trees. There's a clearing. Someone brought old mattresses, an old couch, and a picnic table. Sometimes there will be ten to fifteen guys back there looking for fun."Sgt Tate stands up and turns around. His cock is half hard.I start sucking. "Is she always this enthusiastic?""It's the tube. I tell ya, you will get more out of him . . ." Scotty comes out, " . . . if you lock the cock."Officer Blakely disrobes and joins the rest of us in legal teen pussy being naked. Scotty starts giving him head.Sgt Tate offers, "Now that's an improvement." He leans over and kisses Officer Blakely. 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I don't even remember your name, . . . your master wants you upstairs."On the way to the guest bedroom, I walk by an open bedroom door. It is decorated with characters from the latest animated movie. The walls consist of bright big hand painted stars against a blue background. It must be Scotty's room.Going into the dark bedroom, I see Sgt Tate in bed. He holds the butt plug from last night. "Get your ass in here."I walk over."Turn around and bend." I do. He places the plug at my hole teen college amateur porn and starts shoving. It doesn't take teen private porn long before it goes into me. Being fisted and then fucked really opens me up.I climb in and roll into his arms.I look at the clock and see that it is about 3:30 in the morning."Good night Sir.""You did good boy. You did good. Good teen private porn night samples of teen porn fuckhole."He drapes his leg over me and goes to sleep. I follow.
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